David Slade Mysteries

    David Slade Mysteries is an ever expanding adventure series set in the gritty dark streets of River Side. "Memories Of The Past" is the introduction chapter, introducing the series protagonist David Slade.

Memories Of The Past

David Slade is a rookie homicide detective, with his own dark & haunting past. When David's sister died, there were many strange circumstances surrounding her death, and too many unanswered questions.

Today marks the 5th anniversary of her passing, and as usual he travels to visit his parents at the family farm, each year in this time of remembrance.

Along the way David gets into car accident, stranded and injured he seeks help at a near by house. What happened next, he was completely unprepared for

A new detective is born ...

Game Information

  • - First Person Immersive Adventure.
  • - Rich & Atmospheric 3D World
  • - Dark & Haunting Story
  • - Orchestral soundtrack
  • - PC & MAC Platforms (*Possible future platforms)
  • - Full Spoken Dialogue
  • - Graphic Novel cutscenes

Game Requirements

  • - *3.0 GHz Dual Core Intel / AMD Processor Or Higher
  • - 4 GB System Memory
  • - 512 MB Graphic Card (1GB Recommended) (Nvidia / Ati)
  • - Shader Model 3.0 Or Higher Required
  • - Windows 7 Or Higher
  • - Fully Playable with Mouse & Keyboard
  • - *Support for HTC Vive coming in a future update.
  • *Subject to change.


  • Developed & Created By: Steve Adamson
  • Character At By: Adriana Jimenez
  • Music By: Michael Gordon Shapiro (http://www.mikemusic.com/)

Vocal Cast

  • David Slade - Steve Adamson
  • David's Mother - Karen Hayman
  • Additional casting info soon!

Development News

August 22nd 2016 - Hello David Slade Mystery fans YOU DID IT! You voted, asked and demanded that DSM becomes avaliable on Steam when it is complete! It is now GREENLIT! Thanks ever so much for helping get this on one of the best game platforms in the world.

- Steve (DSM Lead Developer)

More development news soon!